DESIGN: New look for Skog recognises art of outward looking conversation

Designer David Hamburgh has produced some stunningly eye-catching work for our clients in recent months and as a trusted and talented colleague was naturally our first choice for leading on our own main project.

After marking Skog’s first year of trading we wanted evolve our look to reflect our growth and ambitions for taking our consultancy’s story forward.

We couldn’t be happier with the results and today are very pleased to lift the lid on where our brand identity is going from here.


Skog’s original logo was designed by our CEO Shaun Milne very much with our Nordic links in mind.

The font selected was Bergen Sans, chosen in truth after he first saw it used by Alesund born singer ‘Sigrid’ for her own promotion including with brands such as Devold of Norway and Norrøna.

The colours chosen were taken to represent the Norwegian flag while the small triangle was representative of a forest / tree, and also in a very loose way to that of a pencil tip reflecting our journalistic roots.

The new logo we feel takes it to a higher level and cleverly manages to build in design tools that help to evolve and tell its own story while retaining some of the spirit of the first.


A modified version of the font ‘Tahoma’ brings in a much more confident new iteration of the image, one that makes it distinctive and retains its modern approachability, clean and without clutter.

Dave explained how the main logo and tagline tie in with the ‘speech bubble’ device, which stands out in an eye-catching red. The speech bubble device was his striking yet subtle way of alluding to ‘conversation, connection, advice and modern communication’.

We love it so much, it has been rolled out across other elements of our identity.

But our favourite trick is how the bubble and colour choices along with the upward diagonal of the ‘k’, forming the corner of the Norwegian flag allowing us to retain a very important part of our company DNA.

Other elements that we are pushing our across our social media and corporate artwork include nods to nature, travel, journeys and well being.

We regularly review how we do things, how we can improve and where we go next. It seemed like the natural thing to do.

What made this process so enjoyable was how Dave took the time to think about our journey so far, our passions and outlook, and where it is we might want to go.

And effectively put himself in our shoes like we do with all our clients whoever they are.

Even, it turns out, if that’s ourselves.

You can view more of Dave’s outstanding work here: DAVID HAMBURGH GRAPHIC DESIGN

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