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Skog is the Norwegian word for forest.

‘A complex ecosystem consisting mainly of trees that buffer the earth’

It seemed apt to use for our name – representing growth, shelter, sustainability, a way point and crucially, well-being.

We like to consider it representative of the very ethos that we instil and share in how we work.

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Climate Solutions course aims to fill knowledge gap

We were delighted to have been asked to assist leading marketing agency Volpa and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society on the launch of their visionary new series of modules and workshops – Climate Solutions – designed to raise awareness of sustainable action among thought-leaders, influencers and generational change-makers. In this interview, CEO MIKE ROBINSON explains how such focus is vital in tackling climate crisis at pace …..

MSPs, business leaders and newly enrolled university students may be asked to take mandatory climate change studies if plans currently under consideration are adopted.

The module and workshop-based studies would help arm them with facts and knowledge to make urgent changes to society as it emerges from COVID-19 lockdown.  

The Scottish Government has already committed to enrolling at least 100 senior officials to the Climate Solutions course.

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