Scotland & Norway

[Skog (Norwegian), Forest]

A complex ecosystem consisting mainly of trees that buffer the Earth

Proudly centred in Scotland we are outward looking in our activities, reflected in the kinds of organisations we choose to partner with.

Much of our approach is influenced by those of neighbouring Nordic and Scandinavian countries, consistently identified as having the happiest populations in life and work.

Already close in terms of geography, environment, politics, challenges and opportunities, we believe our regional ties will continue to grow stronger as more focus is placed upon our shared values and prospects.

As such we are working towards opening our first base in Norway to make it easier to build further links with organisations and people looking to do business in both countries.

Our Associates regularly write about, publish, discuss, promote and encourage such opportunities and attend political and other influencer events.

We believe in the power of conversation. Words break down borders and barriers, open minds and enrich lives. In any language.

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