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A complex ecosystem consisting mainly of trees that buffer the earth

About Us

Skog Media Associates are a climate and well-being aware content and communications consultancy. We work with people who want to change how they treat the world. Organisations looking to lead by enabling their workforce to make a difference.

We are pretty much like any similar creative business. Smart people good at their jobs. The difference is we look to find ways to amplify how you can support your own eco system. To help consider what may be missing from your strategic thinking or organisation’s DNA.

Why? We all have a part to play in tackling the global climate crisis and looking after each other. Each small step can make a difference. We believe deeply that talking, sharing knowledge and embedding action into policy are important ways to start.

Content strategy, marketing and brand positioning

Have you considered making climate awareness and colleague well-being a KPI for your business? Do you have a strategic position on the impact your organisation has or how it could be improved?  Could you and those around you help influence and grow awareness? Or are you already involved in sectors such as renewables or the environment?

We’re not talking about ‘greenwashing’ here. If that is what you need you will be better off served elsewhere. No. We want to encourage you to identify and celebrate the sustainable and progressive changes you and your team make and help you extend that influence onto others.

It can be a core element of your content, marketing and brand positioning strategy. To reach audiences to let them know how you are contributing to the debate.

Changing together

Media training, mentoring and workplace well-being

Everyone has a story to tell but not everyone is confident with the tools and processes involved. We work with and mentor individuals and teams to explain the secrets of how media works, how to spot opportunities, then create and position content.

With this comes an added awareness of well-being in the workplace – and how to manage deadlines, stress and mental health. If nature has told us anything, it is to protect our greatest resources, including ourselves.

Change management and legacy transition

Our lead associates have decades of experience in helping organisations adapt to digital and structural change. Climate and welfare awareness is a growing part of that. We look at people, places, processes. We scope out projects and deliver pathways to sustainable change, from remote working and trust based processes to gender equality and load sharing.

Crisis communications, PR, media call handling

When crisis strikes, dealing with the media can be confusing, concerning and disruptive. Our founding associates have worked at the highest levels of national media and talk their language. Calm, deadline driven and understanding of the role the media have to play.

Climate emergency content and campaigns

We are invested in raising awareness of the climate emergency and use our influence wherever we can. Our content creators write, publish and share articles, and attend political and sector events. We have a strong network of experts and influencers regularly seen contributing opinion and comment pieces, expert analysis and leading campaigns.

Climate journalism & media

As part of our efforts to raise awareness over the climate emergency Skog Media Associates file climate themed story packages and opinion pieces to media organisations and publishing partners. To subscribe to this service, email newseditor@pm.me

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