Flexible working tailored to you, better for us

Our business was set up with agility in mind – hence the term Associates – allowing a natural flexibility to match appropriate strengths and talents to projects.

This ensures to fit each approach around client needs as opposed to the other way around. It also generates opportunity to work with brilliant people creating great ideas.

To achieve this:

  • We promote a healthy work-life balance and choose to operate on a variable four-day working week.
  • Remote working is encouraged … we do not retain office space.
  • Our pay is gender neutral – those performing the same role get paid equally.
  • Flexible hours and family first working is built-in to our days.
  • A volunteering or duvet day is ok too .. we all need space to do things.
  • Active travel is preferred and we attempt to offset our carbon too.
  • Our team chooses which charities to support across the course of each year.

Why is this important to you?

We believe that people perform at their best when they are happy and secure in their jobs, that it encourages creativity and intelligent thinking and makes for a much more rounded way of doing this.

Our Associates approach deadlines and requests with professional focus. They deliver high quality solutions.

We don’t rush, we don’t cut corners, we don’t watch the clock.

We smile, we laugh and share in our mutual successes.

Isn’t that how work should be?

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