Our pledge: support for mental health, children of war and empowering girls

As we approach the end of this our launch year amid the challenges of pandemic, Brexit and more we emerge stronger and grateful. We are only too aware not everyone has been so lucky, professionally or personally.

In particular we are acutely sensitive to the impact on mental health for adults and children alike from the trauma of lockdown, loss of jobs, interaction with friends and in the worst cases, the heartache of losing loved ones.

For those of us able it is only right that we give back, to try and help those supporting others.

So while only a modest amount, we pledge to donate a portion of our profits to the following charities.

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Environment Protection Scotland write for The Glasgow Agreement

Many thanks indeed to John Bynorth from Environmental Protection Scotland (EPS) for becoming the latest to pen a ‘Letter to Glasgow’ ahead of COP26 for The Glasgow Agreement project.

He argues that ‘world leaders must leave Glasgow with an enforceable treaty to slash emissions.’

Skog Media are sponsors of The Glasgow Agreement. If you’d like to participate in the project, or work with clients or organisations who could add to the debate, then email glasgowagreement@gmail.com

Billion Trees Scotland Logo

Billion Trees Scotland rewilding campaign identity launched

We’ve been working with one of Scotland’s largest and most ambitious net zero carbon campaigns which unveiled its empowering new look to mark the countdown to COP26 in Glasgow as support for landscape scale tree planting grows.

Billion Trees Scotland – the main focus of Kaitiaki Consulting’s efforts to help rewild Scotland’s native forests, restore natural habitats and enhance biodiversity – was launched earlier this year as the team set out their plans of action.

Billion Trees Scotland campaign

Since then the group has joined forces with Smart PA to launch the Centre for Strategic Climate Solutions and also attracted financial backing from shareholders keen to find alternatives to fossil fuel investments and who want to support climate action instead.

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Hallo and welcome.

Skog is the Norwegian word for forest.

‘A complex ecosystem consisting mainly of trees that buffer the earth’

It seemed apt to use for our name – representing growth, shelter, sustainability, a way point and crucially, well-being.

We like to consider it representative of the very ethos that we instil and share in how we work.

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