Who we are

Skog Media Associates was created to put people and planet at the heart of the story.

By focusing on climate and well-being, we help organisations and individuals to define their narrative while considering the wider and often more complex impacts of their own innovative and progressive projects.

From renewable energy to landscape scale ecological restoration, rewilding initiatives to green finance, climate education to supporting arts and culture, our brief is varied and driven by an aspiration for a stronger, cleaner, healthier and economically secure society for all.

We look to combine our many years of award-winning expertise in shaping some of the world’s best known media brands with the passion, drive and foresight of those trying to reverse the climate crisis in particular.

This needs a global approach, of which Scotland can be a world leader.

We believe climate change and the international effort to find solutions is the biggest story of our lifetime, and we have the proven abilities to help you shape and amplify your part.

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