ESG/CSR: Why we decided to vote trees this climate election for generation next

There’s one thing certain in an election, most parties will emerge from the drama of a count claiming to have secured some kind of victory. That’s politics.

What has been different about this campaign though is how there has been an outbreak of consensus over the need to take drastic action over the climate and nature emergencies.

Yes, they all have their own plans and their own priorities.

But acknowledging that there is a problem is the first crucial step in seeking help to do something about it.

It is also clear that while we will go on to scrutinise and work with MSPs over the next term of the Scottish Parliament, the responsibility for dealing with the climate crisis is not theirs alone.

Individuals and businesses all have a vital part to play, which is why we chose election day today to step up our own efforts.

We have chosen to donate to the charity Trees for Life to establish a tree grove in the Highlands that we will can add to as a living legacy of our work. It has been named The Joshua Trees dedicated to Joshua Milne, the son of Skog’s founder Shaun Milne.

We began the process for planting trees to help rewild the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland this afternoon.

They will take root in the ground at Dundreggan on the charity’s estate near Loch Ness in Glenmoriston. The sapling are grown from locally collected seed and will be a mix of Scots pine, willow, birch, rowan, hazel, alder, holly, aspen and bird cherry.

Once trees there reach their maturity, the beauty of nature will encourage natural regeneration going on to create wild forests for future generations.

Skog CEO Shaun Milne said: “Our politicians taking their places at Holyrood this climate election will have an opportunity to lay down policies and laws that can ensure our environment is not wrecked any more by inaction.

“Businesses meantime have an opportunity to donate to charities such as Trees For Life to encourage proactive action, while addressing our own related behaviours on climate.

“I hope this contribution in some small way helps, encourage and enables others in protecting and enhancing our environment for Joshua’s generation and inspires those that follow to think and act in the best interests of all.”

This year Skog Media Associates are also supporting other charities including Plan International, War Child, Support in Mind Scotland and others.

“It’s something we want to embed early into our culture as the kind of business we aspire to be,” he added.

You are welcome to support our grove by buying trees with our thanks at a cost of £6 each at this dedicated The Joshua Trees donations page.

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