CSR: Our pledge on mental health, children of war and empowering girls

As we approach the end of this our launch year amid the challenges of pandemic, Brexit and more we emerge stronger and grateful. We are only too aware not everyone has been so lucky, professionally or personally.

In particular we are acutely sensitive to the impact on mental health for adults and children alike from the trauma of lockdown, loss of jobs, interaction with friends and in the worst cases, the heartache of losing loved ones.

For those of us able it is only right that we give back, to try and help those supporting others.

So while only a modest amount, we pledge to donate a portion of our profits to the following charities.


Working in more than 75 countries, Plan International advance children’s rights with a focus on equality for girls. They strive to empower children, end the root causes of discrimination against girls, achieve gender equality, improve health care and create opportunity to help them learn, lead, decide and thrive. We believe firmly that empowering future generations of women as individual change-makers and community leaders will benefit all.



We first encountered Support in Mind at a Love Your Business networking event in Edinburgh, where a presentation introduced the remarkable work they do in helping to improve the quality of life for those being impacted by mental health issues, and that of their friends and family. Whether working with adults and children, in rural communities or cities, they believe everyone deserves compassionate and expert support. And so do we.



As a journalist, our CEO and founder has witnessed close-up how the horrors of war impact children the most. While conflicts not only continue to rage – but actively target – children, the work of War Child and others has never been more vital. They strive to support, educate, protect and rehabilitate children of conflict. As the world’s attention is consumed by other challenges, we believe these hidden horrors are still to fully emerge.


As a start-up company our contribution to these charities will be a drop in the Ocean to what they need. We share these links in the hope of encouraging others to consider doing the same. or select charities of their own.

After a year like no other, we hope every contribution helps.

Main image: Children attend their bombed out school in Taiz, Yemen. Credit: akramalrasny

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