PODCAST: How Scotland’s construction industry is becoming more sustainable

Sustainable Scotland podcast host Shaun Milne in conversation with Graeme Hannah, Head of Sustainability at Robertson Group and Construction Scotland Innovation Centre’s Director of Innovation & Engagement, Lucy Black.

For Scotland to hit its targets for carbon net zero, then construction needs to be a key player. Homes will have to decarbonise, buildings and methods evolve, innovations created and supply chains to fully embrace their role too.

Which is why when recording Episode Three of The Scotsman‘s climate facing Sustainable Scotland podcast, we drew on the considerable expertise of two people with direct experience of what is going on in the sector.

Episode 3 now playing

Graeme Hannah talked about how much things have changes over the course of his time as Head of Sustainability with Robertson Group – one of the UK’s largest family-owned construction, infrastructure and support services businesses.

While Lucy Black, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre‘s Director of Innovation & Engagement, was able to explain trends and what direction the sector is headed in.

The conversation offered an all too rare insight into the amount of work, understanding and strategic thinking involved in a sector that plays such a crucial role to all our lives.

It also examined the increasing importance being placed on biodiversity and what our buildings and built-up spaces could look like in the future.

We hope you give it a listen.

scotsman.com How Scotland’s construction industry is becoming more sustainable

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