Talk. Breathe. Listen – a podcast for the modern world

During COP26 in Glasgow last November there was plenty of talking going on. Walk through the exhibition halls you could listen to speeches, be serenaded by all manner of companies and governments pledging, not entirely convincingly to go green.

At dinner banks made their ethical pledges, at breakfast energy companies tried to sell blue and grey hydrogen as green, at lunch meat was served with disposable plastics.

But we are storytellers. We sought more.

So we headed to where the NGOs were, sat in on political debates, stood in the rain with campaigners and walked alongside protestors to hear their stories.

The result is this special event podcast.

Talk. Breathe. Listen – a podcast for the modern world, was produced by CEO and founder Shaun Milne who set out to capture and preserve some of the independent narrative from around the event you may not have heard.

Its reportage style is raw, unscripted and authentic – letting the individual voices tell their own stories.

If you enjoyed the episodes, let us know.

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