PODCAST: The Road To Cop26 – Our Journey To Net Zero And Beyond


In partnership with The Scotsman and Smart Energy GB our CEO Shaun Milne hit the road in his eco campervan to produce a podcast looking at how people around Scotland are trying to make us a more sustainable nation.

It took in a route from the Highlands to Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Ettrickbridge, Motherwell and ending at Cop26 in Glasgow.

It was a solution on how to tell the story in a more inventive way and involved weeks of pre-planning, research, interviews, editing, writing, COVID-19 safety, looking at the carbon footprint and ensuring the needs of all the stakeholders were achieved.

Along the way he discussed everything from work from home to electric cars, oil and gas to green steel, beer production to energy efficient homes, and what the future may bring.

Our thanks to everyone who agreed to take part.

It is a snapshot of some of the areas where individuals and businesses are trying to play their part.

You can listen to it in full here.

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