It seems like only a blink of the eye, but just like that Skog Media Associates turns three this month. So we just wanted to pause, take stock, and say a huge thank you to all those who have chosen to work with us on the journey so far.

From launching in the midst of a pandemic to taking on an international projects around COP26, from working with some of most ambitious sustainability organisations to taking our first steps into the music industry, it has been varied and above all fun.

Work continues with other specialist and boutique PR and communications agencies under our Associates programme, where we help on specific projects under their own brands to support colleagues on strategic delivery.

This allows us to treat the agencies as the ´client´ while embedding ourselves in their culture to ensure their own roster benefits from the combined experience available in achieving their communications goals.

Trust is key to this, and with some relationships stretching back more than two and a half years, we view it as a source of immense pride to be considered part of those teams who value our discretion and expertise.

Freelance Fridays are where we do the bulk of this work, so just get in touch.

On embedded public support, we wish luck to all the team at Kaitiaki Consulting, after its Managing Director moved across the world to take on an exciting new conservation role over in New Zealand. That saw the start-up itself end, but much of its legacy work is being rolled out across Scotland now.

Shaun Milne’s hybrid role at Connect helping support key clients communication needs in Norway on multi-million NOK sustainability projects including green ferries and future transport technology projects and other roles completed in summer.

That ushered in festival season and a return to the Isle of Lewis to record, edit and produce the 25th anniversary podcast for Heb Celt featuring artists including Julie Fowlis, Niteworks and Saltfishforty alongside many more.

Also in summer, our founder and CEO Shaun took on a four-day a week role supporting the Scottish Greens during their transition as junior partner into the Scottish Government, developing its communications strategies ahead of the next elections.

While that has dominated activity in his personal capacity, our work continues in developing ties to Norway with trips to Oslo completed including another this coming autumn, alongside continued activity in Edinburgh and London.

Also in the pipeline is a brand-new podcast project taking a closer look at the music industry, tracking artist journeys and looking to share advice to those trying to navigate their way through. Guests are being confirmed now so drop us a line if interested.

In the meantime if we can help with your communications project get in touch on email

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