Hallo and welcome.

Skog is the Norwegian word for forest.

‘A complex ecosystem consisting mainly of trees that buffer the earth’

It seemed apt to use for our name – representing growth, shelter, sustainability, a way point and crucially, well-being.

We like to consider it representative of the very ethos that we instil and share in how we work.

The ‘Skog’ connection runs deeper too. We look upon Scandinavia – Norway in particular – as partner nations for what we hope to achieve. Similar in size, outlook and with a people who regularly top studies as among the happiest and most content in the world.

As our links grow closer so too does opportunity particular in sectors such as the environment, renewables, politics, business, culture and tourism.

Click this link to learn how to pronounce Skog in Norwegian.

Our brand identity also looks to encompass the colours of Norway’s flag, trees and Scotland in a subtle, but hopefully meaningful way.

As we grow, we hope to help others flourish.

To join us on this journey, simply drop us a message from our homepage to start a conversation.

Welcome to Skog. A breath of fresh air.


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