PODCAST: How does Scotland become a renewable energy superpower?

Sustainable Scotland podcast host Shaun Milne in conversation with Richard Mardon, Head of Business and Project Development, Statkraft UK.

Statkraft are the largest generator of renewable energy in Europe right now. Norway’s rich heritage in hydro power helping make them a world leader in the sector as they evolved in wind, solar and more across the past century or so.

As part of our work with The Scotsman’s groundbreaking Sustainable Scotland campaign we recorded a podcast with Richard Mardon, Statkraft UK’s Head of Business & Project Development about their work here in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

We wanted to know how Scotland can become a renewable energy superpower?

Generous in his views, expertise and outlook we think it made for a fascinating conversation and hope you give it a listen.

It was timely too. Statkraft today announced a record breaking quarter from their activity in renewable energy.

Looking out of window at the snow falling across Scotland this cold May morning, we can’t help but be grateful for the transformational work going on across the sector.

scotsman.com: How Scotland can become a renewable energy superpower

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