Transparent costs & charges

Unusually in this sector we are open about our cost structures so you can properly budget and plan ahead, fully informed of the service you will receive with no hidden costs or surprises.

We believe this sets us apart.

Very few consultancies like ours publish their rates but we know full-well it will be among the first and potentially most important questions you will have.

Our standard rate begins at £93.75 an hour, equivalent to £750 per day (approx 8,753 NOK). For new clients, we respectfully ask that 50% is paid upfront before engagement begins, the rest is invoiced monthly to you on 30-day terms.

We charge the same rate for weekend and evening working. Related accommodation, travel and other essential expenses such as equipment hire are charged separately after first being agreed in writing.

Long-term partnership work

Sometimes our clients prefer the reassurance of working with the same team over a longer period of time to ensure continuity and to build the strongest understanding of what is needed.

To do this requires a minimum investment of two days work a month, over 12-months, with a standard two month notice period.

Short-term project work

Often we are asked to take on short term projects and are happy to do so.

We do not charge any extra for this, but do require a minimum commitment from you of four-days a month to engage.

As above, this requires 50% to be paid in advance.

Start Up Companies

We know first hand what it is like to try and get a business off the ground, which is why we offer a special discounted rate of £500 a day pegged for the first 18-months of trading for small companies under three months old with a turnover of less than £250,000.

It is our small way of trying to support your ambition.

Account Handling Fee

We charge a flat 5% handling fee to cover administration costs on client accounts.

We do not apply this fee to charities.

Charges to suit your needs

We believe whole-day working achieves the best results and allows us to plan our activities in advance so we know never to over extend ourselves.

That way you can be assured our focus is entirely on your project.

But for those with smaller budgets, an hourly rate may be preferred.

We also know your may have specific needs, which we would be happy to discuss on an individual basis.

Specialist project work

If we commission any expertise on your behalf such as web development or specialist design work, we do not charge any mark-up.

Instead we invite our Associates to invoice directly, allowing you to keep costs to a minimum. It should be noted that their rates may differ from our own and should be negotiated and agreed in advance.

This has proved a popular innovation with our clients looking to retain control over budgets.

Grow With Us

As a climate first business Skog Media Associates is planting a grove of trees in the Highlands of Scotland.

If you would like to support us, you can donate by contributing £6 per tree, or more if you are able.

Just let us know at any time and we can make arrangements or click on our dedicated Trees for Life page to start planting directly.

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